Divorce LawyerMost divorce attorneys agree that spring is the season for divorce. Typically, couples who are considering divorce, especially those who have children, may seek to “tough it out” over the holiday season. This leaves couples scrambling to get their finances in order over the following few months. When March hits, the spike in divorce filings begins.

Reasons Divorce may be Delayed

There are many reasons that couples may decide to delay divorce, although getting through the holidays is certainly one of the biggest. Some couples believe it’s better to stay together until their children are older, while others stick it out over time in order to keep garnering the financial benefits of being married. Regardless of the reason, couples who decide to delay should still seek the advice of a divorce attorney to understand changes to Illinois divorce law, allocations of parental responsibilities, and more.

Popularity of Spring Divorces

For many couples, the holiday season is very important. They don’t wish to upset children or extended family members at what should be a joyous and happy time. Unfortunately, this often leads to financial concerns like getting their last joint tax return filed, or whittling away at credit card bills following holiday splurges. By the time March rolls around, the holiday spending has been assessed, the final tax refund received, and children may even have some time out of school over spring break. This time can give parents the option to break the news gently, without having to worry about an immediate return to school. All of these contribute to the popularity of the spring season for filing divorce.

Staying Together for the Sake of …

Couples have unique reasons for staying together even after hope of reconciliation is gone. For some couples, it’s a matter of convenience; neither wants to give up a prime location close to work or family. For others, it’s simply too expensive to split the household into two, leading the couple to continue cohabitating even after a divorce is granted. Of all the reasons couples choose to stay together, though, the most frequently-mentioned is the children. Parents may be reluctant to go through a divorce, particularly if their own parents had a contentious break-up. For those who’ve decided to continue living in the same home, speaking with a divorce attorney can ensure that when the time for divorce does come, there is ample opportunity for preparation.