• Why Divorce Rates Soar in Spring

    Most divorce attorneys agree that spring is the season for divorce. Typically, couples who are considering divorce, especially those who have children, may seek to “tough it out” over the holiday season. This leaves couples scrambling to get their finances in order over the following few months. When March hits, the spike in divorce filings […]

  • Custody Battle Highlights Difficulties of Child Custody

    Following an appeal to California’s Supreme Court, a foster family hopes to maintain custody of their 6-year-old foster child. The girl, named Lexi, is at the center of a battle between her foster parents and her relatives, who are related to her biological father. A lower court has ruled that the child should be placed […]

  • When Child Support is Too Much to Ask

    When parents divorce or separate, child support may be ordered to help cover the costs involved in providing for minor children. In the state of Illinois, the amount of child support ordered by the court is determined by a variety of factors including the division of parenting time and the allocation of parental responsibilities, the financial needs […]

  • 2016 Brings Big Changes to Illinois Divorce Proceedings

    Getting a divorce in Illinois changed in many ways for 2016. Gone are some of the restrictions on grounds for a divorce. Meanwhile other parts of the proceedings, particularly division of parental duties, have been made more complicated. All of these changes come under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.

  • What to Do While in Debt and Getting a Divorce

    Financial issues are a leading reason for couples to divorce in about 25% of all divorces, according to the Austin Institute, a family research group. For couples already in financial trouble, getting a divorce can make money matters even worse. Sometimes it is a good decision to delay the divorce for a while and file for bankruptcy […]

  • New Limits Keep Divorced Parents from Moving

    A whole range of new divorce laws are on the books for 2016, and the changes affecting parental responsibilities are some of the biggest. One of these involves relocating children, and there are a number of crucial steps that divorced parents need to take before moving.